More Road Racing History

A new week and a new page. This week’s publication is more of the History of the American Federation of Motorcyclists, covering the years 1965-1969. See the page “YJ. AFM History, 1965 through 1969.”

More About AFM History and More on the Book

There’s no new story this week, but I did a little house-keeping. Based on some information from Steve McLaughlin I found I had been misled about the start of the AFM. I did a little more research I was able to correct things and updated the page “YL. The History of the AFM.” I also moved the history material that had been on the Wes Cooley commemorative page (“YP. Wester Shadric Cooley, 1932-2015″) to the history page. The page ” YL. The History of the AFM” now covers from the 1954 origin to the end of 1964 instead of just 1954-1959. Take a look, it’s a better read than it was.

Mostly I have been getting ready for going to the COTA races in Austin TX on April 10-12 and haven’t had time to whip up a new story. I have created a page with some more book information and a description of what I know about the Austin trip so far. I’ll update this week’s new page “YK. Road Trip! Oregon to Austin” a more information comes available.

Some Road Racing History

Did you know that the American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) was once not an only-in-California club, but had chapters in Florida, New York, Chicago and Mississippi? It’s one of the oldest racing clubs in the U.S. For the history of the club’s origin see the page “YL. The History of the AFM – the First Five Years.”

A Lap at Sears Point

This week’s page was prompted by a request. Many years ago I wrote a piece describing a lap of Sears Point, the original version of the racetrack. It appeared in a few places and someone asked that I post it again. Look for the page titled “YM. Once Around Sears Point.”

How “Racing the Gods” Came to Be

This week’s story is a personal one. It’s about the long and difficult path taken to get my book written. Most ‘people would consider writing a book to be hard. It is, but unless you’ve actually tried to do it, write it and take it all the way to publication, you have no idea. This story may shed some light on the process. Look for the page “YN. It’s About the Book.”