A Survey of Naked Motorcycles

Prompted by a magazine ad I decided to take a look at the class of “Naked Middleweight” motorcycles. I found a lot more than I expected, and I thought you might want to know. See the page titled VJ. The Naked Middleweights or click the link.

The Final Beyond Racer Road Article

I’ve given up on the club-racing article I was working on and instead republished an article from Cycle magazine. This is the last of the Beyond Racer Road articles. And I had to cheat to get this, the 7th in the series. This one is about a Superbike BMW, not a Ducati, and the guest author, Kevin Cameron, was Cycle’s technical editor at the time. Look for the page VK. Beyond Racer Road 7 – The Making of a BMW Superbike or click the link.

Beyond Racer Road, Part One

In the 1970s Cook Neilson and the late Phil Schilling went road racing, Cook riding with Phil tuning. They chronicled their adventures in a series of articles in Cycle magazine titled “Beyond Racer Road.” With Cook’s permission I have re-published the first of those articles. See the page VW. Beyond Racer Road 1 – the Toe Gets Dipped.

Mush Emmons’ Reply

Just a little thing, really. After reading the page about my endurance racing experience, Mush Emmons — my co-rider in the 1975 Sears Point Three-Hour — put his memory of that race in a Facebook reply. I took the liberty of adding it to the end of my page in this blog. Go to page “My Endurance Racing Experience” and scroll down to see the neat photo and Mush’s memories of the race.

Endurance Racing Experiences

This week I write about my experiences in club-level endurance road races. In the late 1970s I took part in five endurance races with mixed results. See the page titled “WP. My Endurance Racing Expeience.”

Superbike Racer Comparison: 1978 Ducati vs. 1979 BMW

Back to early Superbike racing this week, with a comparison between the late 1970s Ducati and the BMW. A little bit of history. Look for the page titled “YC. Ducati vs. BMW Superbike Racer Comparo.”

More About AFM History and More on the Book

There’s no new story this week, but I did a little house-keeping. Based on some information from Steve McLaughlin I found I had been misled about the start of the AFM. I did a little more research I was able to correct things and updated the page “YL. The History of the AFM.” I also moved the history material that had been on the Wes Cooley commemorative page (“YP. Wester Shadric Cooley, 1932-2015″) to the history page. The page ” YL. The History of the AFM” now covers from the 1954 origin to the end of 1964 instead of just 1954-1959. Take a look, it’s a better read than it was.

Mostly I have been getting ready for going to the COTA races in Austin TX on April 10-12 and haven’t had time to whip up a new story. I have created a page with some more book information and a description of what I know about the Austin trip so far. I’ll update this week’s new page “YK. Road Trip! Oregon to Austin” a more information comes available.

Early Superbike Heros

It’s Monday which means it’s time for another story. This week I’m doing Superbike history, specifically the formative years of 1976-1979. I tell about the people of the early Superbike class, both riders and tuners. Look for the page titled “YO. Superbike Pioneers. 1976-1979.”