Hailwood, Ducati & The TT

Today’s page is the second part from our guest blogger, Patrick Slinn. It is the story of Mike Hailwood’s Ducati victory in the Formula One TT race at the Isle of Man in 1978 from someone who was intimately involved. See the page VD. Hailwood, Ducati, & the TT, part 2 of 2.

2 thoughts on “Hailwood, Ducati & The TT

  1. G’day Paul (or more correctly, good night!)

    Thanks for this. Great yarn. Brings back many memories.

    The detail of the NCR engine being in clear breach of the TTF1 rules (in the English translation) is cleared up.

    Thanks to Pat Slinn and yourself.

    Counterpoint: at the AMA Superbike race at Pocono (I think), Mike Baldwin raced Reno Leoni’s NCR Ducati.

    My understanding is that Yoshimura told Mike (and Reno?) that if he finished in front of Wes Cooley, they would protest.

    I think Mike led Wes for some of the race but dropped in behind the Yoshimura Suzuki to finish (second?).

    It is my understanding the Yoshimura team (Pops was clearly not there!) protested anyway, the AMA dithered around and eventually excluded the Ducati (and Baldwin with it) from the results.

    Got any details on that?

    Kind regards

    Michael Esdaile

    • Nice to hear from you Michael. I can’t add much to your version of event except to confirm it.There was a protest filed and Baldwin was disqualified. I’m not sure who fled the protest. The NCR bike, with its sand-cast crankcases, was clearly in violation of the AMA rules, which required the stock cases be used.

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