Some response from WSB vs. BSB

I got some good responses to the story “VT. WSB becoming BSB?” They replied through a Facebook group, so I’ve extracted the replies and added the to the bottom of the page. See the page VT. WSB becoming SB? and scroll to the bottom to see the responses.

What’s with World Superbikes?

Today’s page is a short look at the current state of World Superbike. WSB is doing fine, but it’s recently taken on a distinctly British look. Take a look at the new page VT. WSB Becoming BSB?.

Beyond Racer Road, Part Two

Cook Neilson describes a season of club racing the Ducati 750 GT, and reveals some hop-up tricks to get more horsepower from the motor. He also becomes a better road racer. Republished with Cook’s permission. See the page VU. Beyond Racer Road 2 – Leaning the Craft.