The First Two Years

I’m working on a new story for the blog but it’s giving me trouble — maybe I can pound it onto shape for next week. In the meantime here’s something that might be of interest to a few people. See the page WF. Blog Stats for some numbers from the first two years of this blog, Jan. 2014 to Dec. 2015.

New! An Index.

There was no story this week. I started writing one, a good one, and when I got to about 500 words I thought this sounds too familiar. I looked at the early stories and found that I had already done that one. Whoa.

There are now over 60 stories in this blog, in simple chronological order, most recent first. There’s no organization — it’s just a long list. It needed some kind of index, so I made one instead of writing a story. Of course it took much longer than I expected.

I’ve named the index page “An Index” so it will stay at the top of the page list, while the most recently added page will be listed just below it. Each new page will result in a new entry in the index. Hopefully this will help people find stories they’re interested in, and will keep me from putting in a story that’s already there. Take a look at it — the first couple of paragraphs explain how to use it. You may find a good story that you haven’t noticed before.

Some Milestones Reached

The blog reached two major milestones by the end of July. First it passed 20,000 views, then two days ago it reached 10,000 viewers. So I took the time to write about the statistics of this blog. No motorcycles this time, but check back next week. Look for the page “WV. Some Numbers from this Blog.”