A Lap at Sears Point

This week’s page was prompted by a request. Many years ago I wrote a piece describing a lap of Sears Point, the original version of the racetrack. It appeared in a few places and someone asked that I post it again. Look for the page titled “YM. Once Around Sears Point.”


One thought on “A Lap at Sears Point

  1. Thank you for that Paul.

    Sears Point 1977 was my first visit to an AMA National of any code.

    So I got to see you lead Cook Nielsen and Ron Pierce in the Superbike race. Ron was riding the ex-Butler & Smith BMW R90S entered by Johnny Kokinos of Bakersfield. I recall it was a beast to start.

    It was also the occasion when Kenny Roberts failed to turn a lap in his heat race so had to start the 750 race from the back of the grid. His entry to turn one was sensational!

    Regards and thanks for the memories.

    Michael Esdaile

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