ZZ. Introduction

Racing the Gods 1_8 Cover-1 resized larger plus OP logoThis is a new blog/website as of January 2014. with a major update early October 2014, and a change of theme on Oct. 30th, 2014. It is used to publish motorcycle riding and road racing stories that, for one reason or another, are not in my book. The best stories are in the book and only a few excerpts be published here. The book’s title is “Racing the Gods,” and is published by Octane Press. The book debuted at the MotoGP/MotoAmerica races at COTA in Austin, TX, April 10th, 2015. It’s available from Octane Press at https://www.octanepress.com/book/racing-gods, from Amazon.com, and anywhere books are sold.

Here you will find motorcycle racing stories, especially early Superbike racing history, and street riding stories. See the About Me page to learn my motorcycle-related history and why these stories might be worth reading.

Laguna 1978BExiting the final turn on the Dale Newton 905cc Ducati at the Laguna Seca AMA National in 1978. I finished a close second and set the Superbike lap record. Photo from Bill Mullin’s collection.

Each story is published as a WordPress “page” (one page per story, no matter how long the story is). When a new page is added a short post is made giving the page title and a brief description of the content. As stories are added each new post will push the other posts down, so you will need to scroll down to find the posts for less recent stories. On the laptop the page list is on the left. On tablets and smart phones the word “NAVIGATION” at the top is a button that will expose the page list. The theme wants to make the list alphabetical so each page title has a two-letter code to force the list to be chronological, most recent published first.

2 thoughts on “ZZ. Introduction

  1. I just received my personalized autographed copy of your book. As a Ducati owner myself, I am very interested in that side of your story. Thanks for the note in my book, wishing you continued happiness.


  2. Hi Paul….just finished the book (late to the party,as usual) and really enjoyed it. While you were doing you’re thing with the AFM in the west, I was doing the same thing with the ERA in the east,though I had more fun than success! At least I was on the same track at the same time as Baldwin/ Schlacter, et al….Thanks be, we did it when we could! Do you have any of the 8.5 x 11 photos ( of you on the #276 you used for the cover) left? I will pay all the costs involved. It’s just my opinion, but the best “thing” to come out of what you’ve had to go through is Dee……hold on tight, my friend!

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