Please Excuse My Tardiness

I’m a day late publishing this week’s page. I’m having troubles, blue screen of death troubles, with my main laptop. I didn’t have time to do something original this week, so it’s some excerpts from my book Racing the Gods. Look for the page titled “YA. Repetitions of a Theme.”

Articles from The Lap Times

This week’s page is a few items originally published in the 1976-77 issues of The Lap Times, the American Federation of Motorcyclists newsletter. Most of the material in the newsletter is very club-specific, of interest only to old AFM members, but some of the articles are universal and could be enjoyed by anyone who has ever road raced motorcycles, or helped someone who has raced motorcycles. Look for the page titled “YB. Stories From The Lap Times.”

Superbike Racer Comparison: 1978 Ducati vs. 1979 BMW

Back to early Superbike racing this week, with a comparison between the late 1970s Ducati and the BMW. A little bit of history. Look for the page titled “YC. Ducati vs. BMW Superbike Racer Comparo.”

Good Times in Sacramento

This week’s story is about our trip to Sacramento to watch the 50th running of the Sacramento mile. I sold a few books and the racing was great. Look for the page titled “YD. Sacramento Mile 2015.”

All you Facebook users, I’ve started a new Facebook page titled “Author Paul Ritter.” It’s got all the information and activities related to my book “Racing the Gods” and any other writings of mine. If you ‘like’ the page I think you’ll get a Facebook notification every time something is added. Some of the info from that page will spill over onto this blog (like this week’s story), but mostly I hope to keep the blog focused on riding and racing.