Good Times in Sacramento

This week’s story is about our trip to Sacramento to watch the 50th running of the Sacramento mile. I sold a few books and the racing was great. Look for the page titled “YD. Sacramento Mile 2015.”

All you Facebook users, I’ve started a new Facebook page titled “Author Paul Ritter.” It’s got all the information and activities related to my book “Racing the Gods” and any other writings of mine. If you ‘like’ the page I think you’ll get a Facebook notification every time something is added. Some of the info from that page will spill over onto this blog (like this week’s story), but mostly I hope to keep the blog focused on riding and racing.

Finding Old Pals at LAX

Post #1 of a 5 part series. All photos by Dee Ritter.

No new page this week. My wife and I and Dee’s son Russ have been in Austin, Texas, at the MotoGP/MotoAmerica races at the Circuit Of The Americans track. The occasion was the release of my book “Racing the Gods.” Instead of my usual weekly story I’m going to post the daily highlights of our trip, one post per day.

April 8th, Wednesday – We flew from Portland to Austin with a layover at Los Angeles. At LAX we run into my old pal and racing foe Steve McLaughlin. There’s time for a drink and a lively conversation. I learned a bit more about the formation of the AMA’s original Superbike Production classes, and I’ll update the “ZJ. Superbikes, a new Racing Class” page soon.

Steve McL at LAX
Russ Granger, Steve McLaughlin, Dee Ritter and me relaxing between flights. It’s the first time I’ve seen Steve face-to-face in about 35 years!

Next: an event-filled Thursday in Austin.