Another Excerpt from the Book

I know, it’s a day early but I had some extra time today. This week’s story is from the 1976 racing season. Look for the page “YW. Shift When it Gets to F Sharp.”

I also did a little ‘housecleaning,’ combining WetLeather parts 3A and 3B to a single page, WetLeather part 3.


Happy Holidays

Today many people celebrate the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth while others have their own traditions. Whichever it may be, best wishes to you all.

Watch next Monday for another book excerpt.

Spanish Ducatis?

This week’s story is about Mototrans, a Spanish company that made Ducati singles under license from Ducati. It should interest Ducati fans, especially Ducati Bevel fans, and especially especially Ducati Bevel Singles fans. It might interest other people too. Look for the page “The Last Bevel-Drive Singles.”

Great News About the Book

Good news, everyone! I have found a publisher for my book, Octane Press. Their web site is They are planning for a April 2015 release to coincide with the MotoGP and MotoAmerica races at COTA in Austin. The title will be “Racing the Gods. A Ducati Superbike Racer’s Story.”

This also means I can lift my restriction on publishing parts of the book on this blogsite. This week’s publication is an excerpt from the book. Look for the page “YX. The Heat Race (an excerpt).”

Another Late Story

It seems no matter how hard I try to get a story out on Thursday I’m late, That makes it Friday by the time I get it published, and Friday is a poor time to do that. So I’m shifting to Monday next week. That way if I’m late it will be Tuesday which is still an OK time to publish.

This week’s story is mostly written by Larry Lawrence, with some personal notes added by me. It’s about John Williams, who raced for Dale Newton after I stopped racing.

Fathers and Sons Updated

I’ve added a trio of omissions to the page “Fathers and Sons.” These three sets, Kenny Roberts and Sons, Reg and Jason Pridmore, and John and Chris Ulrich, were originally in my list of father and son racers but somehow got left out of the final copy. Sorry about the omissions.