A Survey of West Coast Racetracks

There’s a Monty Python skit, set in the time of the plague when so many people died a wagon was pulled through the town with the cry “Bring out your dead!” People would toss the bodies of the victims onto the wagon. One of them whimpers “I’m not dead yet” only to get the reply “Shut up. You’ll be dead by the morning.” That’s kinda like this blog. It’s not dead yet, even though I haven’t added anything since last November. There is a new page posted today, part one of two parts. Check out the page VG. The Fall and Rise of West Coast Racing

One thought on “A Survey of West Coast Racetracks

  1. I raced AFM for three years during the mid seventies. (Number 119) I remember one race that always stuck in my head. It was Sears Point, I was a back marker coming out of turn eight, you attempted a pass on the outside and went down hard, I will always remember that race as a one that Paul Ritter who owned Sears Point, went down attempting a pass on me, a man who never fell at Sears Point. Your talent on that Ducati will always be inbrain in my memory. Thank you for the privilege of racing with a great motorcycle road racer! Robert Columbro

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