Dave Garoutte’s Special Frame

In the mid-to-late 1970s a specially-framed Yamaha TZ250 started showing up and winning races at the AFM club race events. It was a DKG Frame, and people who got them really liked them. This week’s story is about this frame. See the page titled “WR. The DKG Frame.”

Top Five Race Mods to the Sport

In 1976 I raced my Ducati 750 Sport in the AFM’s 750 Production class. I won the class title and earned a sponsored ride from Dale Newton, my big break.

Like any street bike the 750 Sport required modifications to become a reasonable race bike. The top five changes I made to my Sport are listed on the page titled “WS. Top Five Race Modifications to the Ducati 750 Sport.”

Changes at My Home Racetrack

When I started racing in 1973 the AFM used three tracks: Ontario Motor Speedway, Riverside Raceway, and Sears Point Raceway. Of the three, Sears Point was the least developed, the most crude. Today the Ontario and Riverside tracks are gone but Sears Point, now Sonoma Raceway, remains. It’s not a crude, undeveloped racetrack anymore. The page “WT. Growth at Sears Point” tells about the changes there.

An Historic Article on Brakes

This week’s story is dredged from the pages of the Lap Times, the July 1977 issue. It is an article from a guest author, a young fellow named Kevin Cameron. This was written when Kevin was still a race bike tuner, before he became the technical editor at Cycle magazine. Look for the page “WU. Kevin Cameron on Brakes (in 1976).”

Some Milestones Reached

The blog reached two major milestones by the end of July. First it passed 20,000 views, then two days ago it reached 10,000 viewers. So I took the time to write about the statistics of this blog. No motorcycles this time, but check back next week. Look for the page “WV. Some Numbers from this Blog.”