More About AFM History and More on the Book

There’s no new story this week, but I did a little house-keeping. Based on some information from Steve McLaughlin I found I had been misled about the start of the AFM. I did a little more research I was able to correct things and updated the page “YL. The History of the AFM.” I also moved the history material that had been on the Wes Cooley commemorative page (“YP. Wester Shadric Cooley, 1932-2015″) to the history page. The page ” YL. The History of the AFM” now covers from the 1954 origin to the end of 1964 instead of just 1954-1959. Take a look, it’s a better read than it was.

Mostly I have been getting ready for going to the COTA races in Austin TX on April 10-12 and haven’t had time to whip up a new story. I have created a page with some more book information and a description of what I know about the Austin trip so far. I’ll update this week’s new page “YK. Road Trip! Oregon to Austin” a more information comes available.


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