WF. Blog Stats

Posted 1/19/2016

I’m working on a new story for the blog but it’s giving me trouble. The damn thing just isn’t coming together correctly. In the meantime here’s some information about the blog. Probably this isn’t very interesting to many people, but maybe next week I’ll have the better story in shape. Until then here’s the blog statistics:

2-year graph

This chart shows the monthly number of views covering the first two years of the blog, from its first month in January 2014 (4 views) until the end of 2015. I’m not sure what happened in September 2014, but except for that month the first two years show a mostly rising trend. Thanks to Dee for cleaning up the original chart I made, making it easier to read.

The peak month overall was November 2015 with 2,871 views. I took some time off in December so the views dropped, as expected. There were 9,743 views in 2014 and 23,337 in 2015, bringing the number of views over the two years to 33,079. Counting the views so far from Jan. 2016 the total is just over 34,000. Not bad.

Where the views originate is something I find very interesting. The U.S. is first by a wide margin, followed by Australia, then Canada and the U.K. in close competition for 3rd place. No surprise there, these are all English-speaking countries and this is an English-written blog from the U.S.

After that comes views from (in no particular order) many “developed” countries: most of Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, India, and South Africa. Views from “developing” nations include China, Vietnam, Mexico (is Mexico still considered developing?), Thailand, and a few more. There have been a few surprises, like New Caledonia, Singapore, Qatar, the Isle of Man, and United Arab Emirates.

There have been views from every continent except Antarctica. The blog is missing most of Africa, a few South American nations, all the the “stan” countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, etc.), Mongolia, most of the Arab countries, Iran, and a few others. For a more complete but slightly outdated list see the blog page WV. Some Numbers From This Blog that was posted last summer.