A Survey of Naked Motorcycles

Prompted by a magazine ad I decided to take a look at the class of “Naked Middleweight” motorcycles. I found a lot more than I expected, and I thought you might want to know. See the page titled VJ. The Naked Middleweights or click the link.


MotoGP “Bowling Balls”

There have been collisions in the last two MotoGP races (Argentina and Texas) that have been particularly, um, disappointing. There have been some multi-bike crashes in the past that have been particularly upsetting as well. For this blog story I’ve picked five crashes that left me wanting a stiff drink. Look for the page VX. My Least Liked MotoGP Crashes.

An Historic Article on Brakes

This week’s story is dredged from the pages of the Lap Times, the July 1977 issue. It is an article from a guest author, a young fellow named Kevin Cameron. This was written when Kevin was still a race bike tuner, before he became the technical editor at Cycle magazine. Look for the page “WU. Kevin Cameron on Brakes (in 1976).”

Three Announcements

One: This week’s story is from 1976, the tale of the Garbage Can Special. See the page titled “WY. The Garbage Can Special.”

Two: Dee and I are going to the World Superbike and MotoAmerica races this weekend at Laguna Seca and I will be signing books. Look for us near the gear check on Ducati Island at 2:00 to 3:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. If you’ve already bought my book “Racing the Gods” (https://www.octanepress.com/book/racing-gods) bring it by and I’ll personalize it for you. If you haven’t bought the book yet we will have some for sale. In any case drop by for a chat.

Three: A milestone of sorts, this blog has just passed 20,000 views from nearly 10,000 viewers from dozens of countries. That’s not much compared to some viral blogs, but it’s not bad.

Remembering Young Randy Mamola

If you followed road racing anytime between 1978 and 1989, especially the FIM 500cc world championship, you know the name Randy Mamola. Randy was one of the best U.S. racers of that era, along with Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer and others. This week’s story is about how young Randy got his start. Look for the page “YU. Young Randy Mamola.”

Another Excerpt from the Book

I know, it’s a day early but I had some extra time today. This week’s story is from the 1976 racing season. Look for the page “YW. Shift When it Gets to F Sharp.”

I also did a little ‘housecleaning,’ combining WetLeather parts 3A and 3B to a single page, WetLeather part 3.

The Start of Superbike Racing

Aug. 24, 2014. More road racing history today. Are you a fan of Superbike racing? Did you ever wonder why or when the Superbike racing class started? I’ll tell you. See the link titled “Superbikes, a New Racing Class.”