Fathers and Sons

I’m a day late with this week’s story. Thanksgiving got in the way. A U.S. Holiday, Thanksgiving is when families to get together for a large meal, so today’s page has a family theme. Look for the page titled “ZA. Fathers and Sons.” Oops. Updated 11/29/14 to include Kenny Roberts and sons Kenny Roberts Jr. and Kurtis Roberts.

A few Stories

I missed the Thursday deadline but I have a good reason. On Thursday I was traveling to California. SSMark’s internment and Celebration of Life was on Friday, then we traveled all day Saturday to get back home.

This week’s page has a few stories from the old days, stuff that didn’t make it into the Book. Look for the page “ZB. Stories from “Back in the Day.”

Some Historic Road Race Tracks

Sept. 8, 2014. A little bit of Racing History. I describe seven racetracks from the late 1970s. A few of them still exist but the majority are gone. Click on the 3-line button and look for the link “Tracks I’ve Raced.”

The Start of Superbike Racing

Aug. 24, 2014. More road racing history today. Are you a fan of Superbike racing? Did you ever wonder why or when the Superbike racing class started? I’ll tell you. See the link titled “Superbikes, a New Racing Class.”