Barber Vintage Festival 2016

I have finally finished and published the story of our trip to Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a bit longer than most of the stories in this blog, but it’s not to bad at about 2,000 words. Y0u can find it at the page titled VN. Barber Vintage Festival 2016.


Sometimes Magic Happens

There were times in racing that were magic – stuff that normally only happens in books or in the movies. There were also moments of magic that happened after my racing was over. A couple of those moments are described on the new page “WK. Not in Real Life.”

Another Small Excerpt from the Book

This week’s story is from the book. It’s about a 1998 road race on actual roads. I was racing a 1967 vintage 250cc Ducati. Look for the page titled “YS. The Magic of Muscle Memort (an excerpt).”

This is short notice, but I’ll be joining Jack Lewis and Ed Milich on their book signing event tomorrow night (7:00 pm, 1/27) at MotoCorsa in Portland. I won’t have books to sign but I’ll have something, and I’ll do a reading from the book. Drop by if you’re in the area.