There are over 100 stories in this blog now. The blog is dedicated to motorcycle riding and racing, mostly from my own experience, and frankly I’m running out of things to write about. There are more stories in my book, and a few of them have been re-produced here, but I’m not planing on publishing any more from the book — I’d rather people read the book.

For the past two years I’ve been keeping pretty close to a story a week, but for 2016 I’m going to an once-every-two-week schedule, mostly on Mondays. Last week I published a story about race starts, so nothing’s due this week. However, next weekend I’ll be in Austin for the MotoGP/MotoAmerica races and will be too busy to publish. Instead there’s a new story this week, about the seeming lack of motorcycle fiction in today’s moto-related periodicals. See the page VY. Moto-Literature for some examples of short stories that appeared in monthly magazines in the old days.


One thought on “Moto-Lit?

  1. Thanks Paul . Enjoy Austin ! I was there last year for my sisters memorial . We went to the Salt Lick (Dripping springs) with family . Texas Barbie. Good eats. What do you think about 200hp bikes in the hands of riders that squirt the straits and block the corners? The evolution of track time . How do we enjoy ..skills V.S. tech. ?

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