New Year, New Blog Page

Happy 2016 to everyone. I’m starting the year with a page about something Joe Gresh said in the Motorcyclist magazine’s book review of Racing the Gods. See the page WG. A Terrible Gift.


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog Page

  1. Happy New Year, Paul.

    Your voice on this issue carries extra-weight given your life-experience. I agree with you. I crashed in 2003 and my injuries were bad (but not permanent like yours). I *never* stopped wanting to ride and returned to my bikes as soon as I could. Been riding ever since. Yes, motorcycles are dangerous but the rewards are worth the risk. Nothing has added such pure joy into my life as motorcycling. Like you, I’ll never give them up.

    Best wishes.

  2. Paul,

    Good luck with the blog. Just started reading it. I’ll be ordering a copy of the book too. Like you I’ve been at this a while. Started racing in 1964 on a YDS2, parked it in 1984 after a succession of TDs, RSs, CRTTs, TAs, TZs, Diana’s,still have the last one in the garage, an 81 RS125.

    Just finished your article about the evolution of riding style. Went through much of the same set of experiences you did. One historical comment, the first well known rider to poke his knee out into the wind was a Kiwi. Hugh Anderson won 4 or 5 titles riding factory Suzukis in the early, mid sixties. Great article though.


    Don Mei
    Branford, CT

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