Happy Holidays to All

No new story this week. I’m too busy getting ready for Christmas. I hope everyone has a swell holiday season.

Here’s some information about this blog, which has been in existence for two years. There have been about 32,600 views from 16,450 visitors. It’s gotten at least 10 views from 44 different countries. Not too bad.


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to All

  1. Mr. Ritter, I wish you and Mrs. Ritter a very happy new year!

    I just finished your book, which I purchased about a week ago (actually, I bought two–the other one for my surgeon–who’s also a Ducati nut). As close as I can get to a summary is, “blown away”, but that really doesn’t adequately describe the feelings either.

    I am still processing everything. I guess that your book made a big impression upon me because I could identify with many of the the things that you wrote about. It truly amazes me that there were so many buttons that could be pushed in my mind by just reading those words. Both positive and negative.

    The early chapters would have me drop the book and say, damn, that’s exactly how I felt! And then I would remember some of those days that I hadn’t thought about for nearly 40 years. That really felt good. And then the natural progression of developing a love for the fear of riding fast on the track. I actually wasn’t sure that I would survive that first time. As for racing, my experience was just a comedy of errors, making every dumb mistake in the book. Lot’s of crashes, hence my surgeon and I became good friends.

    I could identify with the dark but very honest parts as well. I know exactly what you are talking about concerning the oxy. “My sense of humor had gone AWOL…” And then, the top of page 202 really hit home.

    But, even if the reader cannot share in those experiences, the book is a treasury of racing history. Growing up, my first idol was Eddie Lawson. I had posters everywhere. As my interest expanded, I learned a few things about other racers: Code, Pridmore, Neilson, Cooley, and Ritter. I was particularly interested in Ritter because I was a Ducati freak, still am. The great thing about your book is that you lay it all out so clearly that it is easy to understand the progression of Superbike as I had never understood it before. Thank you for that.

    I am still processing the last parts of the book. I will need another read or two.

    I plan to share my enthusiasm concerning the book with some friends on a forum. Maybe you could stop in one day. Please let me know.

    Mr. Ritter, thank you for writing this book, and I wish you the best!

  2. Congratulations on your blogging success! Blogging can be a great source of joy.

    I saw your memoir reviewed in a motorcycle magazine last month and asked my wife to buy it for me for Christmas. She did and I just finished it. I’m hugely impressed — at your story, your tenacity and your writing. You lucidly present a fascinating life. I was so moved by it that I just reviewed the book on my blog and on Facebook. http://shybiker.blogspot.com/2016/01/a-blank-canvas.html

    Good luck in 2016!

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