Sometimes Magic Happens

There were times in racing that were magic – stuff that normally only happens in books or in the movies. There were also moments of magic that happened after my racing was over. A couple of those moments are described on the new page “WK. Not in Real Life.”


One thought on “Sometimes Magic Happens

  1. Nice read paul ! Raced a 750s in 1972 . One of the first in Canada . I was 19 and stupid ! Big get off , turn 2 , Mossport ! A solid ride ,but you had to be mean to change directions ! K81R’s where the only tire in the day and also would perform well in the rain that gave me my best results. The triangulated tires made the bike wobble in the shoot (turn Four) . I think the weakness was the swing arm . I am still a Ducatisti, trying to fit my 63 year belly around a 91 900ss ! Thank You for the read ! Gerry.

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