Top Ten Crashes

It’s Monday so it must be time for a new page in this blog. This week’s story describes ten of the more memorable crashes that span my racing career, from 1973 to 1980. Look for the page titled “YF. Ten Memorable Crashes.”

Book News: We had a good event at the Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists Show last Sunday. The next book signing will be at the Sacramento Mile at the Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA, on May 30th. That’s less than two weeks from now so get your tickets. If you bring by your copy of “Racing the Gods” I will be happy to sign it for you. If you haven’t got one yet we will have some books for sale. Hope to see some of you there.


One thought on “Top Ten Crashes

  1. I remember that race well Paul. I was excited to win on my Harley Davidson ahead of my friend and racing hero and when I looked back at the finish line you were nowhere to be seen. I had been learning from you and felt even if you were ahead in turn 11I could catch you before the finish line.
    As I read your story I am amazed at your tenacity.
    I crashed the side car once in turn one at Sears when I flattened a tire, Goliath (an XLR883) right in front of you at the entrance to turn nine when a connecting rod exited the case and my Bultaco at Willow Springs when I was blown off the track in 23 years of racing. I feel more crashes would have taken the joy out of it for me.
    The pain from the side car crash lasted for more than a year (broke my ankle through the joint) and took a lot of the fun out of racing for me until the pain stopped.
    I suspect that ten crashes would have been more than I could man
    I loved my last road race in 1989 as much as my first race in 1966. In the last race there seemed to be a disconnect between what I thought my body could do and what it could do so I called it quits and focused on land speed racing at Bonneville.
    Thank you for sharing your memories and stirring up mine Paul!
    Best regards, Vance Breese
    sorry if this is a duplicate.

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