The First “Chase the Snake”

Aug. 28, 2014. Another WetLeather story, adventures while riding motorcycles on neat roads. See the link “WetLeather pt 4 – Chase the Snake.”


2 thoughts on “The First “Chase the Snake”

  1. Yes, the brother of Dennis David. I still have his Kawasaki Leathers from that event. Further, I can tell you conclusively why he and Hurley finished 2nd. Plus lots of other old “stuff”. Unfortunately we lost him suddenly to ALS in May of 2012.

  2. Tom,
    Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear about Dennis’ passing.

    For some reason your comment ended up associated with the post about the Chase the Snake street ride. I’m pretty sure you’re referring to the 1978 Ontario 6-hour.

    I would like to hear why the Wilvert/David team didn’t win. I can update the story. I suggest sending an email to me at paul(underscore)ritter(at)iinet(dot)com.

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